The Job Hunt Continues…

So I completed my degree back in June of this year. I officially got to walk across the stage this past October and finally convocated. Since I returned from my exchange trip 6 months ago I have been job hunting.

Let me tell you. Let. Me. Tell. You. The struggle out here, it’s very real.

I have managed to find an at-home job as a data analyst. It seemed so ideal to begin with, but for an extrovert like myself, it quickly becomes unfulfilling. Everyday I spend my time home alone, working on tasks that are not exactly in the field I had studied. There are definite perks to working from home, but I have found that it’s not for me. I like being able to get up everyday, get myself ready, and go out and interact with humans.

So while I have been enjoying some of the perks of my current employment, I haven’t stopped my hunt. I have been applying non-stop to whatever jobs I feel like I can not only fulfill but also enjoy. I have gone for multiple interviews, but it feels like I’m running on a hamster wheel. The frustration is definitely getting to me and I’m starting to feel almost hopeless. So what do we do when we’re feeling hopeless? We try and try again! So, as you’re reading this I’m probably going to be at one more interview.

Let’s hope that soon after this I’ll be giving you a cheerful update. Keep me in your prayers!




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