Working on my fitness, you’re my witness

Since I’ve been home I’ve found myself to have a ton of free time, and not enough productive activities to fill it with. After giving myself a huge mental push, I finally joined the gym about a month and a half ago!

Through university it was actually easier for me to maintain some kind of work out routine, since it was offered through the uni, was close and extremely affordable. When I went away for my exchange semester, I tried my best to keep up with exercising but there were way too many exciting things to do and I’ll admit I completely fell off. Thankfully being in Europe constitutes of a lot more walking than here in Canada, and that made up for it. That plus Turkish food actually not being too bad for you, I managed to come home 5kgs lighter!

That quickly regressed, because I came home and spend majority of my time stationary (and eating all those delicious, rich, home-cooked meals). My body was giving me tons of physical cues that I wasn’t treating it right, so I finally decided that I need to take action.

My phone company offers some perks, one of which was a free month at the gym, I took advantage and here I am now! I’ve been going to the gym regularly for 6 weeks. I even took on a personal trainer, who’s been really helping me stay on track, stay committed, and give me advice where needed.

Hopefully I will be seeing results soon (the scale tells me I’ve lost 3lbs already!), and I’ll definitely be keeping you all posted here as well!




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