Touring Egypt!

From January to June of this year I had the amazing opportunity to do a study abroad term in Istanbul, Turkey. Those 4.5 months will have a post of their own, but while I was there I also had a golden chance to see Egypt!

I went through a private tour agency, and was able to see Cairo, Memphis, Alexandria and the St. Catherine/Dahab area!

In Cairo we stayed in a gorgeous hotel where the pyramids were basically in the backyard. Our first day we obviously spent time at the pyramids, saw the Sphinx and were able to travel to the neighbouring city of Memphis where we saw a museum as well as go inside a small pyramid! Later that night we enjoyed a dinner on a cruise boat that went down the Nile, with bellydancing and a whirling dervish as entertainment.On our second day we went to the Museum of Cairo, after which we went on to see an old church, synagogue and mosque, and then at night, a sound and light show at the pyramids.

Our third day we spent making a small road trip to Alexandria, where we saw catacombs, ruins, as well as the new Library of Alexandria. After that we went on to a lovely hotel in Dahab, where we relaxed before making our way to St. Catherine’s where Mount Sinai is. There we did a midnight hike up the mountain with the help of a Bedouin guide, making it to the top just in time to see the beautiful sunrise coming up over the misty mountains. We made our way back down, had a quick tour of the St. Catherine monastery, before going back to rest up and enjoy more of Dahab (which I absolutely fell in love with, and can’t wait to go back to).

Fortunately my travels didn’t stop there. As soon as we returned to Cairo from Dahab we made our way straight to Athens, Greece! I’ll have a separate post for my experiences there; until then take a look at my vlog for Egypt!



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