Sooooo I slacked with posting here, didn’t I? I’m sorry! Not trying to make excuses but the last few weeks have been a whirlwind, but haven’t been at the same time.

So I’ll give you guys the first (and biggest) update: your girl is finally employed! Yes, yes, it’s about time, isn’t it? Since I started university I kept hearing one thing over and over again: network, network, NETWORK! And wouldn’t you know it, it’s my network that ended up connecting me with the perfect job. I will be a Communication and Marketing Assistant in a charity organization, and I couldn’t be happier. I’m officially starting on January 3, so I’ll definitely be ringing in the New Year right!

Speaking of the New Year, that’s the other thing that’s been keeping me busy; the holidays! Despite keeping things very low-key this year, with family things are always busy, plus my friends and I have been planning a weekend away for the actual New Year and so far, preparing for that has been hectic as well. Despite that, I’m super excited to be celebrating with some of my closest friends, not only the New Year but new beginnings. ❤

Those have been the two main things that have been keeping me busy the past few weeks. Before the holidays started I had a friend from exchange come by and stay for a few days, so I got to show her around our beloved Toronto. Overall, it’s looking like a decent end to 2016.



P.S. I’m currently working on my next vlog and blog post, so look out! 😉


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