Greece! (+small updates)


So I know I have been terrible at keeping up with this blog, but work and the gym have been keeping me busy (and tired)!

I’m at one year since I completed my exchange journey and going through photos and video clips (courtesy of Facebook Memories) is even more bittersweet now. I temporarily satisfied my travel bug with a road trip to New York City with a few friends, but it’s back and so I’ve planned to visit London, UK and Milan, Italy this July!

But more on that later, now on to reminiscing about beautiful Greece! I had the opportunity to spend a few short days there, two in Athens and 3-ish in Santorini to be exact.


In the two days in Athens I actually managed to see quite a bit. I was able to make my way around to most of the ruin sites, the Acropolis museum and Syntagma Square. And I got to enjoy tons and tons of gyros!


Then it was on to Santorini, where I spent the last few days of spring break. I stayed in a gorgeous hotel in Fira where it turned out I was their first booking of the season and so they upgraded me to a junior suite. By day I explored the beautiful pure white streets, going through many shops, and by night I mingled with the locals and other tourists. I traveled to the other end of the island by ATV, to Oia, where I enjoyed a beautiful sunset.



By far this was the best spring break I have ever had, and I’m officially absolutely head over heels for Greece. The food, history, music and overall culture pulls you in in such away that you never want to leave. Greece has a magical atmosphere all it’s own! If you’d like to see some clips I got in Greece, click here.



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