I KNOW! How shocking it is that I’ve posted yet again this quickly! Truthfully, since I have another trip coming up in a week’s time, I’d like to get all of these memories out here so that when I’m back I can update in a more regular fashion.

So let’s get started on some sweet North African memories, shall we?

The moment I found out Istanbul was an option for exchange I began creating a mental list of places I wanted to visit while I was there. At the top of the list was Morocco. In the previous year a friend of mine went on a desert camping trip in Morocco, and since then I was stuck on the idea.

We ended up booking about 5 days in Morocco, staying in Marrakesh and booking excursions out to Zagora, Ouzoud and Essaouira. Our excursions in Morocco were in groups, so along the way we got to meet many other people around the world and experience Morocco together.


We got to experience the desert camping first. The excursion was two days long, and we stopped along the way in a few places, including a few popular spots where films and TV shows have been shot!


Our second excursion was to the Ouzoud Falls, and this one was just a day trip. We got to tour and swim in the falls and have some fun with the monkeys!


Our last excursion was to Essaouira, a gorgeous coastal town right off of the Atlantic. Many surfing enthusiasts go there to take advantage of the perfect waves, unfortunately the day we went was incredibly foggy. I did spend a few hours going through the markets and got some shopping done!


Spending only five days in Morocco was totally not enough, but overall, as I say for every country, it stole my heart and I’m counting down the days until I can go back!

If you’d like to see some clips of my trip in Morocco, click here.


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